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Health and Safety


VITOSHA Construction services believe that the health and safety of our employees and the protection of the environment is of paramount importance. Where our employees are engadged in providing construction services in hazardous enviroments under challenging conditions, it is essential that we put the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees first, setting the benchmark for safety across the industry.

A strong safety culture across the group is required to achieve this vision and our HSE Strategy and Standards have terefore been developed under strong leadership, setting the highest standards expected of all employess and sub-contractors. In setting these high standards for HSE, we help to build our employees loyalty and commitment to VITOSHA, while their own expertise enables them to act as role - models for health and safety best practice, helping to spread the message of good , safe conduct at all times.

We therefore insist that our managers and employees continue raising the benchmark for HSE practices with VITOSHA and encourage our customers and competitors to work jointly so that together we can drive continous improvement in HSE standards across the industry.

The Strategy Adopted by VITOSHA Construction Services :

Our organizations approach to  HSE is determined by a number of factors, including their values,markets,business drivers and attitude to employees. Our focus will however concentrate on two important factors described as follows :

Compliance Approach:

VITOSHA will focus primarily on legal and reputational risk arising from HSE issues and the emphasis in the business is ensuring national regulations and legislation are robustly applied.

Ethical Approach :

VITOSHA ethical approach will be concerned with being a good employer, recognizing a corporate responsibility to protect employees from harm while increasing their engagement and skills in companies' activities.

In accordance with the importance placed on HSE at the most senior levels in VITOSHA, all employees are expected to ensure that their approach to health and safety is positioned at the forefront of their working practice and is fully integrated into their normal business so that we meet our responsibilities to our employees, customers and the general public.

This approach will build on a sound foundation of HSE practice by giving appropriate focus to the compliance and ethical consideration.
Furthermore, for VITOSHA businesses and projects, a reputation for best practice in HSE is essential. Such presentation must therefore develop pro active engagement to ensure that we demonstrate by example and good leadership in this field and actively engage with all internal and external stakeholders.
The Management will monitor HSE performance of all activities and projects to ensure implementation and compliance of this ethos is robust and timely. Compliance will be monitored through a range of measures, including self-assessment and peer-assessment. The standards themselves will be reviewed periodically by VITOSHA management to ensure that what we adhere to remains appropriate.


Our Responsibilities :

Each VITOSHA employees is responsible for their own and their colleague's health and safety and is expected to :

  • Ensure they understand how to work in a safe manner.

  • Comply with the relevant legal and company policy requirements.

  • Minimize/Eradicate all hazards and record/report accidents and near-misses.

  • Contribute pro actively to discussions on health and safety at work.

Our Standards :

In order to achieve our aims for HSE while ensuring that VITOSHA complies with local legislation and regulations,management will regularly brief and update to ensure we meet the following standards as a minimum:

  • Develop an HSE strategy at the appropriate level for that project.

  • Regularly brief and update the VITOSHA workforce.

  • Introduce and monitor specific working practices required to support best, safest results.

  • Provide reports to VITOSHA Company HQ on any work-related fatalities, serious incidents or near-misses, setting out what happened,the cause, and measures required to prevent recurrence, ensuring that appropirate follow-up action is taken.

  • Identify the major health and safety risks for the project and employees, and develop specific strategies for handling each risk.

  • Formally review HSE performance of all contract/projects as part of the normal business management process.

  • Formally review the overall companies' HSE performance and strategy at board level on at least a quarterly basis.

  • Identify or appoint a competent HSE professional to provide specialist advice and participate in HSE networks.

  • Establish arrangements for pro active communication and consultation with all employees on matters of HSE.

  • Undertake training to ensure that all managers and employees are equipped to fulfill their respective HSE responsibilities.

All VITOSHA executives, directors, managers and supervisors are responsible for the health and safety of their employees as well as the HSE performance of their area of the business. While specialist support and expertise must be available within every business unit, it is unequivocally the responsibility of line managers to:

Monitor and report on HSE performance.
Provide training and support to employees on all HSE matters.
Pro actively consult employees on health and safety issues.
Enforce the companys HSE policy and standards.
Continually improve the management of HSE risks.
Act as a role-model for the development of a HSE culture.

Responsibilty for meeting these standards is vested at VITOSHA Directorship level.


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